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Throw back to the bank holiday Monday! Wish it was another! How quick does the normal routine go. We have renewed our @nationaltrustni membership and enjoyed exploring the @giantscausewaynt last week. There was much exploring, climbing and adventuring followed by some surfing! Great extra day off!! We are determined to explore more of our lovely Northern Ireland over the months ahead! * * * * #adventurekids #belfastblogger #niblogger #causewaycoast #exploreni #northernireland #loveni #lovenorthernireland #ireland #giantscauseway #northcoastni #irelandwithkids #seetheworld #travelblogger #familytravel #familytravelblogger #fearlessfamtrav #seetheworldwithkids #littleexplorers #wanderlustkids #daysoutuk #daysoutwithkids #greatoutdoors #adventurewithkids #getoutside #bankholidaymonday #niexplorer #farawayfiles #irelandtravel
Bank holiday weekends in the #northcoastni are our favourites. Today we enjoyed exploring @downhilldemesnent with our lovely friends. Love the exploration and wondering of these little ones. * * * * #wanderlustkids #discovernorthernireland #northcoastni #causewaycoast #northernireland #kidswhoexplore #wildlittleadventurers #getoutside #loveni #ilovenorthernireland #kidswhoexplore #fearlessfamtrav #lovenorthernireland #familytime #daysoutwithkids #nikids #screenfreeadventures #nationaltrustni
We are home - late night ferries in the wind are not so pleasant but we made it into our beds about 2am. Cue tired little bunnies today. About a million washes done, ready for school and work tomorrow. A great Easter adventure to Scotland over. But I did manage to get our first blog post up from it. It’s a guide to Isle of Skye with kids. Check out the link above and let me know what you think!! * * * * #littleadventurers #scotland #thisisscotland #scottishroadtrip #scotlandwithkids #explorescotland #highlandsandislands #scottishislands #isleofskye #isleofskyescotland #loveisleofskye #travel #familytravel #familytravelblogger #fearlessfamtrav #daysoutscotland #iamtb #farawayfiles #exploreuk #niblogger #belfastblogger #traveldestinations_ig #wildandfreechildren #showthemtheworld #wanderlustkids #kidswhoexplore #wildandbravelittles #welovescotland #scottishislands #hikewithkids
It’s been a busy one today- we’ve sailed on Loch Ness in a hunt for Nessie, driven through more beautiful scenery in the Highlands and hung out with the Polar bears including the cute and cheeky baby Hamish and explored the driving safari at @highlandwpark. Now we are tucking into a delicious Pizza Express in Perth.
The magical Claigan Coral beach - what a find and well worth the 2 mile long hike down there and back again. It looked like something straight out of a tropical holiday brochure yet in Isle of Skye! Fascinatingly it is made from crushed bleached skeletons of Red Coraline seaweed. It makes the water look tropical blue when the sun shines and has a finely crushed white beach. Full of wonderful shells and on a low tide day you can cross over to Lampay island on a causeway! Pure magic and maybe my new favourite place. * * * * * #scotland #lovescotland #scottishislands #isleofskye #isleofskyescotland #claigancoralbeach #scottishroadtrip #traveldestinations_ig #familytravel #iamtb #familytravelblogger #wildandfreechildren #fearlessfamtravel #welltravelledkids #adventurekids #littleexplorers #littleadventurers #globetrotters #showthemtheworld #loveyourtimetogether #wanderlustkids #kidswhoexplore #wildandbravelittles #thisisscotland #venture1105
Wow Scotland you are spoiling us. Today we explored the Faeire Glen. We climbed, explored, hiked and adventured. These 3 loved all the little fairy rocks. It was magical and wonderful. We’ve been playing fairy games since with overflowing imaginations. 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ 🧚‍♀️

les mis

We are big musical fans in our house, there’s always a performance ongoing with the 3 dramatic ones, so any opportunities of a ‘big show’ in Belfast or Dublin and we are there. When I saw ‘Les Mis’ was coming over the Christmas period to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, I knew Miss 10 was just about ready. She’s been learning ‘Castle on a Cloud’ at singing  lessons for the last few months and this recently resulted in a brave moment whereby she sang for her class- even making it on to the school website. A big step for the usually shy one in class. We decided to make it an intergenerational adventure with an overnight, so Granny, Mummy and Miss 10 set off for a Dublin adventure. 

Equipped with the soundtrack, we were excited for the musical adaption of Victor Hugo’s novel.  Set in 19th centenary France, ‘Les Mis’ is the story of Jean Valjean, a French peasant, ready for parole after serving nineteen years in prison for having stolen a loaf of bread for his sister’s starving child. Valjean breaks his parole, and starts a new life after a bishop inspires him through a tremendous act of mercy, however his journey to a new existence, is relentlessly hampered by a police inspector, Javert. Based during the revolutionary period in France, we witnessed young idealist students attempting to overthrow the government and all the devastating consequences of such a struggle.

Killian Donnelly is fabulous in his role of Valjean as he follows a righteous path through decades of war, suffering, themes of death, prison, prostitution and poverty. There are of course parts that are a little ‘adult’ in content, such as the ‘lovely ladies’ for sale. I fielded a couple of awkward questions about it on the drive home.

With fantastic musical numbers, we journeyed through the suffering and passion of little Cosette, her hardworking mother Fantine, and Miss 10 was particularly impressed with the young performers and more generally with the vocal ranges in the show.

I enjoyed the clever use of projected images at the back of the stage gave nearly cinematic feelings at times. It is long, but even Miss 10 was gripped throughout. She barely moved and we have been hearing the songs performed since!

A wonderful show.


We followed it by a delicious ‘Les Mis’ themed meal in the The Marker Hotel in Dublin. It is a perfect location for a pre  or post theatre meal. Often with some theming of a set menu. We previously enjoyed a ‘Mary Poppins’ inspired meal when that musical was in town a few years ago, and the tasty food and attention to detail is still discussed by the two girls. We stayed in the Clayton Hotel in Cardiff Lane. Both  The Marker and the Clayton are right beside the Bord Gais theatre.

Undoubtably a wonderful classic theatre musical. Do I recommend it for kids? I think they need some maturity. For my 10 year old, it was perfect, she enjoys musical theatre, we’ve seen most of the more child aimed shows, she was familiar with some songs,  she could process the notion of war and any more risqué aspects went over her head. I would have more caution for the younger ones, and I will be leaving it a few years before bringing the two little ones in our house. Perfect post Christmas afternoon out, with the three generations.

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  1. The last time I saw Les Mis was the current US Tour- which is coming back to my hometown this year. I did like the backdrops in the back as well among other parts of the staging.

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